Wallstreet Classic med Blue shield lenses

Wallstreet Classic med Blue shield lenses

Dear customer,

we are very happy to announce the new Wallstreet Classic, the first line of dedicated glasses with anti-blue lens.

The Wallstreet Classic features:

  • Shine colours
  • XL stem (the same as the Classic XL)
  • Blue Block Lens 

There are four colours in the range (Grey Paloma, Black, Blue, Red) with diopters ranging from +0 to +3.0.

During these months we have worked hard to offer a product in line with the new needs and lifestyles of people, who are now used to spending a lot of time on digital devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets (an average of 7-8 hours a day).

The use of glasses with Blue Block lenses can bring many benefits, among the main ones are:

  • protection of the eyes from the effects of long exposure to blue light;
  • reduction of eye fatigue and irritation;
  • reduction of night blindness;
  • less eye dryness and consequently less headaches;
  • enhanced definition.

Best regards,